I’m with Andrew

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any election campaign. In the Toronto riding of Davenport, supporters talk about why they’re standing with the NDP’s candidate — Andrew Cash.


Voted “Best Toronto MP” in 2013 by readers of NOW Magazine, Andrew has been working hard to bring arts, culture and urban issues to the House of Commons. Through his National Urban Worker Strategy bill, he is standing up for the rights of self-employed, freelance, contract, part-time employees and unpaid interns.

Andrew is working to make life more affordable through initiatives such as his campaign to stop “pay-to-pay” fees, which has already been successful in saving Canadians over $700 million per year.

And he is fighting for a cleaner environment and more accessible public transit in the GTA through his campaign to stop the dirty diesel trains from running between Union Station and Pearson Airport and advocating for clean, electric trains.

Andrew is a principled fighter for Davenport who’s ready to deliver practical solutions for hardworking families in Toronto and across Canada.