It’s Time for the Tories to Look in the Mirror
There’s a hole in Alberta’s budget – and the Tories are looking for someone to blame. They’ve tried blaming everyday Albertans, but the Tories have to look in the mirror to find the real culprit.


If we’ve learned anything from past economic downturns, here in Canada and around the world, it’s that cuts don’t end recessions; they make them deeper and longer.

But the good news is that we have options. Alberta could increase the amount of money it generates from taxes on profitable corporations and wealthy individuals by more than $11 billion a year – and STILL be the lowest tax jurisdiction in Canada.

The Alberta government’s immediate problem is that the price of oil has dropped significantly. But the long-term, underlying problem is that we have a broken revenue system.

Successive Conservative governments have blown holes in the revenue base we need to fund public services. The solution is to mend the holes and fix the system, not impose more cuts to the services Albertans need.

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